September 28, 29 and 30, 2017
Portland, Oregon

Special Exhibits & Guild Exhibits for 2016

Laurie Shifrin

Laurie, a long-time Seattle resident, is a favorite teacher and lecturer across the United States and Canada. Her three books, Batik Beauties, Batiks and Beyond, and Batik Gems, showcase her unique quilt designs and love of batiks. Laurie has been the featured teacher on cruises and the featured artist at quilt guild shows. Her television appearances include Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson, and a feature on Art Zone, In Studio on The Seattle Channel.In addition to her books, Laurie has a pattern company, Laurie Shifrin Designs, from which more than 25 patterns have been released combining batiks with other fabrics. She has designed two stunning block-of-the-month patterns for Hoffman California Fabrics: Ripples and Reflections and Nature's Jewels. Laurie managed In the Beginning, a much-loved quilt shop in Seattle and now works in their corporate office.

Lisa Jenni

Lisa lives in Redmond, Washington and works in fiber arts and watercolor painting. For the past 12 years since she started quilting, her work has been accepted, exhibited and awarded in nationally and internationally juried exhibitions. Several pieces are in private collections or have been published. Her background in fine arts grew in years of formal and autodidactic education, and skills in many different fields of art influenced greatly her style of work. In 2007, she completed the Fiber Arts certificate program at University of Washington.

Lisa's art is unique and clearly inspired by her European roots, her many travels, and often by current events. Her artwork features exquisite techniques in piecing, applique and quilting. Each work of fiber art invites the viewer to go deeper into the many layers of interest.

Helen Remick

Helen Remick has been sewing since the age of nine, and she made all of her clothing for many years. When Helen took a class on hand piecing and quilting in 1995, it was love at first stitch.

Op art, M.C. Escher, Islamic tile work, traditional blocks and a love of math inform Helen's work. Helen starts with the familiar and moves beyond, looking to induce movement into design. Traditional blocks are transformed, made more angular, and value is carefully placed.

In a 2008 rebellion against machine quilting, Helen explored the yoyo form. She made yoyos out of sheer fabrics, made forms other than circles, and intentionally left yoyos open to disclose other fabrics.  In her latest work, Helen is printing on fabric, making still life compositions from her x-ray images. These personal quilts show the effect of erosive osteoarthritis on her hands. She has adapted new techniques to allow her to continue hand work.

Helen's work has been shown in quilt shows and museums here and abroad. Her quilts have appeared in a range of books, magazines and exhibition catalogs. She belongs to ContemporaryArt Quilt Association, Studio Art Quilt Association, and Surface Design Association.

Joyce Becker

A prize-winning landscape quilt artist, Joyce R. Becker is the author of four quilting books focusing on landscape quilting. Three of her books and a DVD were published by C&T Publishing, including her most recent book, Quick Little Landscape Quilts and she has authored over twenty articles in quilting magazines, including Quilting Arts.  Joyce was a featured guest on the Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson and the PBS Series , Simply Quilts, with Alex Anderson.  She also appeared on “M`Liss`s World of Quilts.

Joyce has taught and lectured throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, New Zealand, and Hawaii for guilds and large conferences such as the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, and at the Empty Spools Seminars.  Joyce’s quilts have been exhibited nationally and internationally and she was a founding board member for the Association of Pacific West Quilters. Joyce has enjoyed teaching and lecturing on several quilting cruises throughout the world for Quilt Camp at Sea and is currently, writing a “spicy” quilting novel.

Colleen Wise

Colleen came to quilting through the back door: not through art or sewing, but through graph paper and a sense of architecture.  Her background is in civil engineering and horticulture, two very scientific and left-brained processes, and her work reflects that in its strong graphic quality.

Although quilting is basically a two-dimensional medium, her quilts have a depth that goes beyond the surface.  Elements of the designs seem to float above the surface or recede into the depths of the quilt.  Her goal is to encourage the viewer to look into the quilt, rather than just at it.  More than that, the quilts have something to say.  Colleen's quilts reflect her interests in nature, celestial events, physics and how these things relate to us today.

Colleen is the author of "Casting Shadows: Creating Visual Dimension in Your Quilts" (2005, C&T Publishing).  She lectures and teaches throughout the world.

Leotie Richards

Leotie Richards became enamored with textiles while working as an art director. After twenty years of designing graphics and textiles for retail stores, she retired to Sisters, Oregon and found that her graphic design skills could be readily applied to art quilting. Studying intently for three years in various workshops with Jean Wells, Sue Benner and Rosalie Dace, she became adroit with various fabrication techniques and began to experience a high degree of joy in her creative process with textiles. At Expo, Leotie will share her art quilt series called American Folk Heros, with twelve portrait quilts featuring people from Johnny Appleseed to Bob Dylan.

Cover to Cover Book Club

Our favorite book club is back with quilts that will astound you. This year, the group read All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, and used them as inspiration for creative new quilts. Both books are riveting and we know the quilts will be amazing.

Portland Modern Quilt Guild

The Portland Modern Quilt Guild (PMQG) was founded in 2010 as a member of the Modern Quilt Guild. PMQG began as a way for their online connections and love of modern quilting to come together and promote a modern aesthetic in a fun and supportive environment, creating a community around this growing movement in the quilting world.  Modern quilting can be defined in many ways, but some main characteristics are improvisational techniques, use of solid fabrics, asymmetry, modern prints and unique interpretations of traditional patterns. PMQG began with a handful of members, and has grown to 200 men and women.  They meet monthly to enjoy guest speakers, trunk shows, lectures and to share our work with one another. The PMQG also hosts monthly Sew Days, Charity Sews, an annual sewing retreat, workshops, and Hand Sew Happy Hours. The calendar of events and membership information is available on their website:

Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild

The Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild is a small but growing group of modern quilters who love quilting, fabric, and sewing who live in or around Corvallis Oregon! They formed in December 2012 and CMQG is a local guild of the international Modern Quilt Guild. Members have monthly sew days and meetings, and special events throughout the year. You can read more about them at

WestSide Modern Quilt Club

WestSide Modern Quilt Club, originating from The Pine Needle in Lake Oswego, Oregon, will debut a new exhibit: Tribal Winds, A Northwest Native American Exploration. The group's quilters have drawn inspiration from photographer Edward Curtis, and other Northwest Native American enthusiasts. They were also inspired by the Lake Oswego Reads 2016 book selection Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher, by Timothy Egan. The quilt exhibit will honor the heritage of this amazing culture. The Oregon Historical Society will be here in conjunction with the exhibit.

Oregon Historical Society

The Oregon Historical Society's traveling exhibit, entitled Oregon Is Indian Country, provides text with historical and contemporary photographs about the nine Federally Recognized Tribes of Oregon. Themes include: The Land, Federal Indian Policies, and Traditions that Bind.

Men's Quilt Exhibit

The quilting world is no longer a female domain. Many talented men have joined the ranks of textile artists. Michel McDowell and Pat Wilson are two dedicated male quilters and you'll enjoy seeing the world of quilting through their eyes. 

Latimer Quilt and Textile Center

Our friends at Latimer Quilt and Textile Center are bringing vintage quilts ranging from the 1800's to the 1940's. It will be a wonderful display of the incredible skills our quilting ancestors developed.

Gravity Quilt Exhibit

The Gravity pattern is designed by Jaybird Quilts and making it has been an exciting undertaking for many of the quilters here in Portland. Take this wonderful opportunity to see how many different ways one intriguing pattern can look. You may want to make one yourself with all this inspiration!