September 27, 28 and 29, 2018
Portland, Oregon

Special Exhibits & Guild Exhibits for 2017

McKenna Ryan: Simply Beautiful . . . Beautifully Simple

McKenna Ryan is loved the world over for her whimsical yet realistic nature-inspired quilt and fabric designs. For over 20 years she’s delighted and inspired her many fans with hundreds of ‘Simply Beautiful, Beautifully Simple’ quilt designs. Her fusible appliqué techniques are fun and surprisingly simple while often looking beautifully detailed and complex. McKenna is known for her broad range of themes representing the many things she loves: the north woods, the sea, and animals – from the farm to cats and dogs.

After she creates her textural fabric prints, McKenna painstakingly hand-crafts her quilts piece by piece, from initial drawings to appliqué to quilting, creating a true artisan original. Her easy-to-follow patterns make her art accessible to everyone. McKenna’s original works of art can be seen at her showroom in Portland, Oregon. McKenna's quilt In Full Bloom is shown at right. McKenna's website

In Full Bloom by McKenna Ryan, Exhibit at Northwest Quilting Expo, Portland Oregon

Cathy Erickson: Baltimore Goes Modern

Cathy has loved Baltimore Album quilts from the early 1990’s. She is also madly in love with Modern Quilts. This exhibit combines both her loves with a wonderful selection of traditional Baltimore album quilts, and album quilts from Virginia and Pennsylvania with over-the-top appliqué. Cathy's modern quilts focus on just one album block, which is very large, has modern colors, and modern quilting. Deconstructed album block parts are used in some of the quilts for a graphic look. The modern quilts capture the beauty and spirit of the early Baltimore albums with a twist. 


Linda Reinert: Playing in the Round

Linda has been sewing almost as long as she could hold a needle. She became interested in quilting in the early 90s and it has been her passion ever since. After discovering circles in 2004, they have become a theme that has dominated her work Linda will share many of these quilts in her exhibit Playing In The Round: Circle Quilts That Dazzle. Shown at right: Linda's quilt The Sky is Falling. 

The Sky is Falling, by Linda Reinert, Special Exhibit at Northwest Quilting Expo, Portland Oregon

Threads on the Edge: Friends of Tula

Each member of this quilting group selected a color on the color wheel, chose five fabrics with varying values of this color, ranging from very light to very dark, and then chose five blocks from the book "100 Modern Quilt Blocks" by Tula Pink. Each quilter then made the same five blocks using the same five fabrics for each color (sometimes also using additional fabrics) and assembled and quilted the 60 finished blocks as they wished. The result is 12 distinctly different quilts created from the same fabrics and the same block designs.

Members of "Threads on the Edge" quilt group are:

Becky Bohllinger, Jacque Ervin, Claudia Evers, Christie Frey, Candy Fullaway, Michelle Hermann, Jean Kelly, Judy Liebo, Dianne McDonnell, Liz McElhinny, Lisa Roberts and Jan Shipman


Reach for the Stars

This special exhibit, curated by Dawn White, is made up of stunning star sampler quilts based on Terri Krysan's Reach for the Starsquilt featured in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine.Inspired by Catch a Falling Star, Dawn's version on display at The Pine Needle in 2014 (shown at right), local quilters gathered at the quilt shop over the space of a year to work on their own versions. Come see how color and fabric choices influenced the final results!

Catch at Falling Star, Dawn White, Northwest Quilting Expo, Portland Oregon

Virginia Hammon: Passacaglia and the Money Quilt

Portland quilter Virginia Hammon researched and wrote US Money, a book that explains how our money system works, why it needs to change and how to do it. She illustrated her book with 100 different quilt blocks, picked for how their names illustrate the text, and a collection of quilts that use the blocks. This is the world premier viewing of the book's quilted illustrations.

The collection includes a quilt made with a Willyne Hammerstein pattern Passacaglia, called Wheels of Commerce (detail shown at right), with thousands of fussy cut pieces relating to money and our economy: robbers, sloths, time clocks, etc. Another show-stopper, All That Glitters is Not Gold, is made with over-the-top sequined fabric. Seeds of Life, quilted by Coleen Barnhardt, won a blue ribbon for machine quilting at the Pacific International Quilt Festival in 2016.

Virginia is a member of the Westside Modern Quilt Club and the Portland Modern Quilt Guild. She's an educator dedicated to improving how we solve public issues. Virginia has been quilting for over 20 years.

Wheel of Commerce by Virginia Hammon, Northwest Quilting Expo, Portland OR

WestSide Modern Quilt Club: Transitions

In past years, this group has brought you three exhibits: The Bridges of Portland; The Pearl District; and most recently Tribal Winds. This year, the exhibit by this talented group of quilters showcases Transitions. Members challenged themselves to give a fresh modern twist to time-honored patterns. The exhibit is a wonderful example of showcasing that what is old is also new.


Treadle Machines: A Working History of Our Sewing Heritage

Sponsored by Boersma's of McMinnville, this exhibit will showcase rare and valuable sewing machines seldom seen on display. You'll even get a chance to sew like Grandma did or at least like Grandma tried to sew on these complicated machines. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to see such a collection!


Washington Stars Quilt Guild: Olympia, Washington

This Washington guild has recently been featured in Quiltmania Magazine. Their work has been shown in the Washington State Rotunda capital building; they are the only guild to have had that honor. The 180 members are very active in local charities, from homeless children to the food bank.


Cover to Cover Book Club Quilters

We love to exhibit the gorgeous quilts of this talented group. Each year, members select a few books to read. They then create quilts inspired by those books. This year you'll see quilts based on:

My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life by Ruth Reichl; and The Primary Colors by Alexander Theroux.

Shown at right is Primarily Blue by Linda Reinert, inspired by The Primary Colors.

Primarily Blue by Linda Reinert, Northwest Quilting Expo, Portland Oregon