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September 24, 25 and 26, 2020
Portland Expo Center
Portland, Oregon


Fabric Collage

Melanie will show you how fun, simple, and creative this fabric collage process is, developed by Laura Heine of Fiberworks. Bring one of Fiberworks’ Teeny Tiny Collage patterns and you’ll be ready to go. Before class, go to to purchase your pattern. Choose from the flamingo, bear, trailer, fox, truck, fish, elephant or dress. These smaller projects will give you the confidence you need to tackle any one of Fiberworks’ gorgeous patterns.

Please bring: Fiberworks Collage Quilt pattern. Choose one of their Teeny Tiny patterns for this class—flamingo, bear, trailer, fox, truck, fish, elephant or dress. A limited number of patterns will be available for sale in class.

A variety of pieces of floral fabrics for your collage. Look for colors you like for your pattern. In class you’ll all be encouraged to share scraps.

One yard Pattern Ease

Background fabric—approximately 24" x 20". This can be a single fabric or fabrics pieced to equal this size.

Double sided fusible for appliqué. Melanie recommends Steam-A-Seam II, approximately 2 yards.

The Appliqué Pressing Sheet; Sharpie marker

Sharp scissors. Melanie likes Kay Buckley Perfect scissors, small or medium. Your scissors need to be very sharp at the tips.

Optional: small iron, pressing pad, extension cord

24″ x 24″ pc. of fusible quilt batting

Skill Details:
Instructor Name:
Melanie Sadler

Fabric Collage

$ 85.00
Includes free one-day admission ticket to the show (Thursday to Saturday)