September 27, 28 and 29, 2018
Portland, Oregon

Our Judges for 2017

Elizabeth Spannring

An award-winning quiltmaker, Elizabeth Spannring has completed the course and program requirements on Judging Quilts and Wearable Arts sponsored by the Northern California Quilt Council, and is now designated a National Quilting Association Certified Judge. She feels her experience as a competition quiltmaker and an international quilt instructor help her to stay up to date with the new methods and techniques of today’s quilt artists.


Kathleen O’Connor

Kathleen O’Connor has been quilting since she was a teenager. In 1995 she completed A Short Course on Quilt Judging offered by the National Quilting Association. She judges quilt and wearable art competitions at events ranging from small county fairs to the Pacific International Quilt Festival, in Oregon, Washington and California. Kathleen was involved in developing the curriculum for A Course on Judging Quilts and Wearable Art sponsored by the Northern California Quilt Council.