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September 26, 27 and 28, 2019
Portland, Oregon

Special Exhibits for 2018

As always, we'll have lots of quilts to inspire you! Here are 2018's special exhibits of quilts:

2-Dimensional Kimono Plus

As a textile designer, fiber artist and teacher, Sandy Sciarrotta has been working in textiles for over 35 years, many of those years silk-screening, stenciling and creating yardage for herself and others. Over the past few years she has created a body of embellished work called 2-Dimensional Kimono Plus, the plus being other inspired one-of-a-kind designs for coats and jackets. Sandy creates the mounting pieces or uses interesting found objects.


Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)
SAQA’s Oregon region is sharing an exhibition of new works interpreting the concept of Bridge, featuring the work of 25 fiber artists from across Oregon. The art is inspired by the broadest concept of Bridge, exploring connections and links, bonds and pathways—both physical and emotional—between people and things. The concept is executed by the artists in both representational and abstract form using a diverse range of fiber techniques. Interpretations of the exhibit concept are driving forces. SAQA is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the art quilt and the artists who create them. Shown above: Anne Daughtry’s quilt, Linking Europe to Asia.

Voices of CQA
Voices of CQA celebrates the quilt as Art with a capital A. The exhibit showcases members’ individual works, which speak to their particular process, inspiration, and artistic direction. CQA is a diverse group of artists using innovative techniques to expand the definition of art quilt. Founded in 1986, it is an all-volunteer, non-profit art organization comprised of about 100 artists in Washington state. CQA is committed to the evolution of a traditional form for modern expression, to educate the public and promote interest in contemporary quilts, and to provide their members education, support, and opportunities to exhibit their work. Monthly meetings feature speakers from a variety of artistic disciplines and the opportunity to show current work and discuss the creative process. They welcome new members!

The Storytellers
Storytelling has existed in all cultures through the ages, beginning with oral stories and pictorial stories on the walls of caves. The Storytellers group was formed because members wanted to continue that tradition by using quilts to present visual stories. Their current exhibit is a challenge to explore stories about cities. Come see their stories!

Inspired by the Ken Burns Quilt Collection

Ken Burns is one of America’s favorite historical documentarians. He is also a passionate antique quilt collector, and has put together an amazing collection. We can’t show you his quilts, but inspired by his passion, we’ll be displaying gorgeous antique quilts from the collections of local quilt collectors. Visit our website for several links to newspaper articles and a documentary about Ken’s quilt collection. 

The Money Quilts
Portland quilter Virginia Hammon researched and wrote the upcoming U.S. Money, a book that explains how our money system works, why it needs to change and how to do it. She is illustrating her book with a hundred different quilt blocks, picked for how their names illustrate the text, along with a collection of quilts made with the blocks. At the 2017 Northwest Quilting Expo, she presented thirty of the quilt illustrations, and a small introductory book on money with details of one of the quilts, Wheels of Commerce, based on Willyne Hammerstein’s Passacaglia pattern.

Come see the rest of Virginia’s quilts! Lift the veil on the Fed—the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States—with a quilt (above) named Divorce is an Option using the block called Bride’s Knot 1913 (the year the Federal Reserve Act was passed, also known as Churn Dash). See Trickle Down Economics, a quilt using the Economy block. Touch Pat the Bunny, a textural quilt using the block Blindman’s Fancy, illustrating the impossibility the Fed faces in achieving its goals. 

Featured Instructors Exhibit
It probably goes without saying that our featured instructors are very talented quilters. They’ll bring examples of their best work to share with you. You’ll enjoy seeing a huge variety of wonderful quilts all in one place. Prepare to go home inspired! One of Rosemary Burris’ stunning animal portraits is shown here. Take a class with Rosemary to make one yourself!


The Pine Needle Quilting Adventures

Here’s what happens when great quilters gather in incredible places—lots of creative and beautiful quilts! You’ll enjoy seeing a variety of interpretations of a single pattern made by happy quilters on retreat. Differences in color, texture, design, balance and more will emerge.



The Northwest is one of the most prolific areas in the country for quilting and quilters. Enjoy the talents of two local quilt artists! Meticulously designed and beautifully sewn, Evelyn’s and Sandy’s quilts will inspire you and spark your own creativity. 

Evelyn Bonney

Evelyn Bonney’s exhibit is a walk through her journey as a quilter. She began as a traditional quilter with a narrow focus on fabric and pattern choices. But as Evelyn’s talent grew, she tackled a wide variety of steps to achieve her own style, from traditional to contemporary. Evelyn won the Aboriginality contest at The Pine Needle with her outstanding quilt of Australian prints. You will enjoy her journey!

Sandy Arbuthnot

Once she retired, Sandy’s passion for quilting took off! Her exhibition of twenty quilts charts a path of everything from beautiful appliqué with awesome fabric selections, to a very traditional yet profound take on the Dear Jane quilt pattern. Sandy has a varied hand and creates beautiful quilts that make her heart—and probably yours—sing!