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September 26, 27 and 28, 2019
Portland, Oregon


Special Exhibits and Contests for 2019

As always, we'll have lots of quilts to inspire you! Here are 2019's special exhibits along with contests you can enter:

Low Tide by Helene Knott, Northwest Quilting Expo
Helene KnottFrom Acorn to Tree

You can't really know where you are going until you know where you have been. This statement is particularly apropos of Helene’s quilting career. Unlike many quilters, Helene did not learn quilting at her mother’s or grandmother’s knee. She was self-taught; inspired by The Foxfire Book about mountain living skills she made her first quilt in 1972. The book was more informational than instructional, and without a proper mentor to warn her that Indian bedspread gauze would not mix well with corduroy, the quilt fell apart the second time it was washed. Her second quilt fared only slightly better; it held together but is in very sad shape, as is her third quilt, which she used for years until it too just about fell apart. Sometimes Helene is astounded that she persisted after so many failures. 

Our special exhibit of Helene’s quilts starts with her fourth quilt—Jungle Madness—a turning point in her artistic approach to quilting—and it progresses from there to her current work. Though the skill applied to her early quilts is distinctly below par, we think you will appreciate seeing examples of her humble beginnings. Helene is teaching two full-day pre-Expo classes this year: Zen Pathway and Kantha Stitching. The top quilt is Helene’s Low Tide, and the quilt above left is Seals Kelp. Helene's website

The Storytellers at Northwest Quilting ExpoThe Storytellers

Storytelling has existed in all cultures through the ages, beginning with oral stories and pictorial stories on the walls of caves. The Storytellers quilt group was formed to continue this tradition—members create quilts that present visual stories, whether personal or universal. Perennial favorites at Northwest Quilting Expo, this year the Storytellers will share quilts inspired by architecture. The quilt above is Canterbury Cathedral by CarolAnne Olson. For more about the group, visit their website.

Judy Ankeny Liebo at Northwest Quilting ExpoJudy Ankeny Liebo

Join us for a visual feast of Judy’s quilts through the years! Like many women of her generation, Judy learned how to sew in a high school home economics class. She quickly expanded to other handcrafts, but the one thing she did not do was quilt. In 1990, Judy moved to Oregon. She went with a new friend to an event in central Oregon with quilting classes and a giant outdoor quilt show. This was the start of her journey into the world of—and obsession with—quilting. Judy is drawn to art quilts. The ability to imagine something in her mind and then trying to translate it to fabric invigorates her to this day. Above is Judy’s Vertigo.

Quilt Barn Trail Treasure Hunt at Northwest Quilting ExpoQuilt Barn Trail Treasure Hunt

Westside Quilters Guild has spread nostalgia throughout the Tualatin Valley with their Quilt Barn Trail. Along the Trail are 60 large wood quilt blocks hand-painted in traditional patterns. Each one is significant to the area or farm where it is located. To celebrate this wonderful treasure hunt, we are having our own treasure hunt! Pick up an entry form when you arrive at the show, and keep an eye out for photographs of the Quilt Barn Trail quilts at vendors’ booths and other places. Check them off on your entry form as you find them. We’ll draw from all completed entry forms and you could be a winner! Full rules will be on the form. Shown above is a tree block at Jossy Farms in Hillsboro.


Row by Row Challenge

We are joining with Row by Row for 2019 with a Row by Row quilt contest to be displayed at the show in September. Enter to win a gift basket filled with quilting treasures. Here is a printable entry form for both our Row by Row Challenge and our UFO Challenge.

The Rules

  1. Your quilt must contain a minimum of eight rows.
  2. Five of your rows must be from stores here in the Pacific Northwest—Washington and Oregon.
  3. There is no ‘age limit’ on rows; however your quilt must have been completed within the last year.
  4. Your quilt must be three layers, quilted and bound.
  5. The winner will be determined by viewer votes.
  6. There is an entry fee of $10 per project. We will donate $5 of each entry to Project Linus.

Calling All UFOs!

Are there any UFOs (unfinished objects) in your sewing room? Well, dig them out and finish them! This year we're planning a special exhibit of completed UFOs to give you motivation to finally finish them. Enter to have your projects displayed at the show. The exhibit is limited to the first 100 quilting projects entered. Here is a printable entry form for both our Row by Row Challenge and our UFO Challenge.

The Rules 

  1. Your UFO must be completed after April 15, 2019. The start date does not matter, but see #6 below for a special challenge.
  2. There is an entry limit of two projects per person.
  3. The entry fee is $10 entry per project. We will donate $5 of each entry to the Oregon Humane Society.
  4. Completed projects must be quilting related—i.e. contain fabric and batting, have at least three layers, and be quilted and bound.
  5. Viewers Choice will win a gift basket of battings.
  6. There will be a Special Award for the oldest project completed. Will yours win?