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September 23, 24 and 25, 2021
Portland Expo Center
Portland, Oregon


More 2013 Winners

Here are the winners of Small Quilts, Intermediate Quilts, Freehand Quilting (Large) and Computerized Quilting.

Click here to see the winners of the Best of Show, the Judges' Choices, Founders' Choice, Viewers' Choice and Pictorial Quilt and Art Quilt (Representational) categories. Click here for the winners of Machine Embroidery, Applique and Large Quilts. And here are the winners of the Art Quilts (Non-representational), Hand Quilting, Freehand Quilting (Small) and Youth Quilts.

 Small Quilts, 1st Place: 'Orchard' by Mary Kay Price

Small Quilts, 1st Place: Orchard by Mary Kay Price

 Small Quilts, 2nd Place: 'Creation Born' by Sue Matyszak

Small Quilts, 2nd Place: Creation Born by Sue Matyszak

 Small Quilts, 3rd Place: 'Made in Portland' by Linda Reinert

Small Quilts, 3rd Place: Made in Portland by Linda Reinert

 Intermediate Quilts, 1st Place: 'Feather Quest' by Loretta Orsborn

Intermediate Quilts, 1st Place: Feather Quest by Loretta Orsborn

 Intermediate Quilts, 2nd Place: 'Portlandia' by Mary Kay Price

Intermediate Quilts, 2nd Place: Portlandia by Mary Kay Price

 Intermediate Quilts, 3rd Place: 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' by Denise Rigsbee, quilted by Loretta Orsborne

Intermediate Quilts, 3rd Place:
How Does Your Garden Grow? by Denise Rigsbee, quilted by Loretta Orsborne

Freehand Quilting, Large, 1st Place: 'Fall N Star' by Brandy Rice 

Freehand Quilting (Large) 1st Place: Fall N Star by Brandy Rice

 Freehand Quilting, Large, 2nd Place: 'Snowflakes' by Michele Byrum, quilted by Laurel Keith

Freehand Quilting (Large) 2nd Place:
Snowflakes by Michele Byrum, quilted by Laurel Keith

 Freehand Quilting, Large, 3rd Place: 'Farm Fresh Produce' by Laurie Jarmer

Freehand Quilting (Large) 3rd Place: Farm Fresh Produce by Laurie Jarmer

 Computerized Quilting, Large, 1st Place: 'Kim's Island' by Joann Blade

Computerized Quilting (Large) 1st Place: Kim's Island by Joann Blade

Computerized Quilting, Small, 2nd Place: 'Labyrinth Shades of Gray' by Mary Torrey 

Computerized Quilting (Small) 2nd Place: Labyrinth Shades of Gray by Mary Torrey